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Info & Map Sellier's Travel Service628-8258 Port of Spain
Info & Map Shafena Laban667-6238 * Arima
Info & Map Shalom guesthouse6861048 St.Anns
Info & Map Sherwood Park Apartments639-7151 Carnbee
Info & Map Shircliff's Place and Car639-3621 Scarborough
Info & Map SIMPLI SERENE639-8302 Carnbee/Bethel
Info & Map Sixt rent a car376-0937 Piarco International Airport
Info & Map Southern Palms Beach Club428-7171 Christ Church
Info & Map Speyside Inn660-4852 Speyside
Info & Map Spice Island Beach Resort444-4258 * St. George's
Info & Map St Christopher Taxicab Co638-7322 San Juan
Info & Map Stayinn Trinidad Ltd782-0733 Piarco International Airport
Info & Map Stonehaven Villas639-0361 Bon Accord
Info & Map Store Bay Holiday Resort639-8810 A.N.R. Robinson International Airport
Info & Map Sunbury House423-6270 St. Philip
Info & Map Sundeck Apartments639-1410 Castara
Info & Map Sundeck Suites622-9560/1 Port of Spain
Info & Map Sunset Valley Estate660-7903 Castara
Info & Map Sunshine Holiday Apartmen639-7482 Bon Accord
Info & Map Sunshine suites713-7209 Trinidad
Info & Map Surf Side Hotel Ltd639-0614 A.N.R. Robinson International Airport
Info & Map Sweet Little tobago639-3393 Scarborough
Info & Map The Abercromby Inn623-5259 * Port of Spain
Info & Map The Atlantis Hotel433-9445 St. Joseph
Info & Map The Atrium953-2605 Rose Hall
Info & Map The Caribbean Lodge645-2937 Tunapuna
Info & Map The Carlton Savannah621-5000 Port of Spain
Info & Map The Cascadia Hotel and Co623-4208/9 * Port of Spain
Info & Map The Chaconia Hotel628-3749 * Port of Spain
Info & Map The Chancellor Hotel & Co623-0883 Port of Spain
Info & Map The Diplomat639-7983 Lowlands
Info & Map The Flamboyant Hotel444-4247 St. George's
Info & Map The Linx Suites Hotel Lim652-9902 San Fernando
Info & Map The Lonestar419-0599 St. James
Info & Map The Mariantte @ 100G629-2327 Maraval
Info & Map The Naturalist Beach Reso639-2536 Castara
Info & Map The Nest Tobago Apartment+39 0331 7 * Old Grange
Info & Map The Normandie Hotel624-1181/2 * Port of Spain
Info & Map The Olympia Crown Hotel923-5269 * Kingston 10
Info & Map The Pelican Inn (closed f627-6271 Port of Spain
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